Meeting Room Rental in Cathlamet, WA

We have two meeting rooms available as separate rentals or combined together with the option of the kitchen included in your choice(s).

The Columbia Room (348 square feet) is located directly off the kitchen and connects to the smaller Capt. Birnie Room (234 square feet). Sliding doors separate the two rooms and provide privacy. The restrooms can be accessed from The Columbia Room through the kitchen.  A hallway to the restrooms also leads to the restrooms from the Capt. Birnie Room. 

Both rooms are equipped with benches for seating. Additional tables and folding chairs are located in the southwest corner of the kitchen.  Three banquet and five round tables can comfortably seat 44 people. Seating without tables is available for 60.  Total capacity of the building is 95 people.

The Columbia Room
348 Sq Ft
  • 4 Hour Block $75
  • 6 Hour Block $100
  • 8 Hour Block $110
  • 12 Hour Block $125
Capt. Bernie Room
234 Sq Ft
  • 4 Hour Block $60
  • 6 Hour Block $75
  • 8 Hour Block $90
  • 12 Hour Block $100
Rental time begins at the scheduled start time and ends at the scheduled stop time. All set-up and clean- up must be completed within this time frame. This includes set-up and take-down of all furniture and equipment, including tables and chairs, coat racks and other items belonging to the facility.
Rent a Meeting Room
Contact us if you'd like to rent one room, two rooms, or the entire facility including our commercial kitchen.
Commercial Kitchen Rental for All Your Cooking Needs
Little Island Kitchen (affectionately known as Ethel Mae's Kitchen), equipped with three induction cooking elements, microwave, countertop grill, double convection ovens, four sinks, hand-washing station, dishwasher, refrigerator, dry and cold storage, and prep table.
Little Island Kitchen is the ideal space for your next event.